Meet Yan Chummar- The WonderKid from Kerala

Yan Chummar
Yan is not like any other kids of his age.This 13-year-old kid has formed a company himself, have his apps on Playstore and an inspiration to many.Yes, This is Yan Chummar from Kottayam, an 8th grader at Marian Senior Secondary School, Kottayam.

In his young age itself, he found his niche in technology and gadgets. He made his first blog while he was just 8 years old using blogger Yan Chummar blog. Later he learned designing and animation using paint software in order to design a logo for his website. When he was 13, he started Zuodevelopers a startup, got into Android app development and started publishing his apps into the Google Play store. Yan says- “My parents are fully supportive of his dreams and taught myself to develop Android apps using Udemy and Youtube videos.”

He says his greatest turning point was when he met Android Developers during Monthly meetup at Google Developers Group, Cochin (GDG Cochin). Following which he was invited to Tizen OS(By Samsung) meet where he was presented a Tizen Mobile phone.

Recently he was featured in manorama online , after which a web hosting company gifted him a brand new SSL certified website for his company.-

You can find the apps he made here

He will be speaking on Cusat Techfest on 18th of February.

Update: He recently started a crowdfunding campaign and needs your help.
Support him here –
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