Why 000webhost?

You might be wondering why the page is redirected to opcaledercom.000webhostapp.com. Here is the story.

Back when I had dedicated AWS EC-2 Server(Opcalender.com started service on 12/11/2016). The site was able to perform quite well with users. Near to 1000 weekly views. As I started blogging on this platform and got near to 10,000 hits a day. The server would crash and I had to restart MySQL using ssh. This happened at least 6 times. I was able to fix this issue and support load using dedicating a space for cache in the hard disk( Thanks to a chap of mine). then EC-2 Free tier expires!! The monthly billing of 2000Rupees just the month after that. I had to sent mail to AWS and they thankfully were able to turn it back to 0. By then I migrated the blog to m.opcalender.com( On Blogger, which can take any heavy traffic) and deactivated AWS. For 2-weeks I searched for an alternate solution. And Finally decided on 000webhost which is free and need monthly payment for custom domain mapping[Obviously I am using free plan there as well]. After that, I haven’t turned back. If you love to make donations, kindly mail to felixjosemon[at]gmail[dot]com.


An old capture I discovered from archive dated 21 December 2016( Was more beautiful with CSS and JS)